Everyone deserves relationships that work for them.

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An intro to Emily and Kate...

Amity Relationship Solutions has been founded on the shared belief that quality relationships are a right, not a privilege. Our purpose is to create the space, that will help and support the public and private sector learn and grow ‘relationally’. Amity seeks to set a fresh approach to supporting good quality relationships for all. We have set out a bold pioneering ambition for everyone to aspire to good quality relationships for themselves, clients, families, students, colleagues, employees, and whole communities. Amity believes that this is a choice, and we can help your organisation if you feel the same.

Organisations we have worked with:

What we do

Kate Nicolle and Emily Nickson-Williams, the founders of Amity Relationship Solutions, can support your organisation in a number of ways through bespoke consultancy, training, coaching and development. We have considerable experience in the public and private sector helping organisations develop relational approaches.